December 15, 2012

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  I am facepainting today at Holy Grounds Shop at 336 South Main Street in Grapevine, Tx from 2-4pm.

April 4, 2012

Easter Give-Away!!!!

I'm GIVING AWAY this beautiful cross on Good Friday!!! All you have to do is subscribe to my blog for your name to be entered into a drawing to WIN it!! On Friday- Scott (my husband) will draw a name and I'll announce the winner!!!! Shipping will be on me!!! No matter where you live :)

Jesus died for you because He Loves You! And His Gift of Salvation is FREE as Well!!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!
Instructions for this project (Love Cross) is in the previous post. So if you don't end up winning- just make one:)
Kayla, my adorable niece and today-assistant is helping me enter my new Blog followers- names in for the drawing!!!!

Love Cross

Many of my friends decorate a focal wall in their homes with an assortment of crosses. They vary from big, small, old, new, tribal, Celtic, wooden, painted, mosaic-ed, and now…….. yes you guessed it! SHABBY CHIC-ed and GLITTERED!
Mixing the old world rustic with a punch of red glam is a perfect recipe for this graceful and timeless piece.
First, base coat the cross with white (Titanium White) paint twice and let dry.
Then squeeze red (Quinacridone Crimson) paint directly on the heart.  Use a brush to spread it thickly around the edges. Leave the paint shallow in the middle creating an empty heart that will later be FILLED with-GLITTER!
Use a brush to mix in the other shade of red (Naphthol Crimson) along the thick edges. Set aside to dry. Remember the thicker amounts of paint will take longer to dry. Mine took about 24 hours.
Mix equal parts of Glazing Medium with dark brown (Burnt Umber) paint. Quickly brush a thin layer over the entire cross.
Before it dries, spray water over the brown. Let it sit a couple of minutes.
Then use a paper towel and gently wipe away the water and any wet paint. This will leave you with a distressed weathered look. Repeat until you get the effect you want. If you want to apply this technique on a bigger surface, just work on small sections at a time. I suggest experimenting on a scrap piece of wood first until you get a feel for the technique.
After the painted heart has dried completely, use Designer Dries Clear to fill in the concave portion.  
While glue is still wet sprinkle the Red Kooky Ultrafine Opaque. Let dry. Tap heart to remove excess glitter onto a piece of paper. Now take the paper, while slightly folding it, pour glitter back into its container.
A soft, dry brush can also be used to dust off remaining glitter.
Brush on Designers Dries Clear to adhere the burlap around the ends of the cross. Let dry. Finally, hot glue a scrap piece of wood to the center of cross and then glue the heart on top. This will really make the heart POP-OUT! (The scrap piece needs to be smaller than the heart, so it will be hidden from view.)
Glitter has an amazing ability to capture light brilliantly… keep that in mind when you decide where to hang it.

-wooden cross
-small wooden heart
-strips of burlap
-small piece of scrap wood
-acrylic artist paint: white, dark brown, 2 shades of red (I used Liquitex, BASICS: Titanium White, Naphthol Crimson, Burnt Umber/ Liquitex, Soft Body: Quinacridone Crimson)
-glazing medium (I used Liquitex: Glazing Medium)
-spray bottle of water
-paintbrushes/ paint tray
-hot glue gun/sticks
-paper towels

April 2, 2012

"Sea Sprite" Napkin Rings

For more glittering ideas go to 
Have you ever picked a color at the nail salon solely based on the name of the nail polish? Well, I have! (Cajun Shrimp is my new favorite-as you can see by the pics below!) Colors inspire me tremendously, but when they’re paired with a clever name, it becomes creative destiny! And glitter is no different. I was shopping on and the name, “Sea Sprite,” captured my eye! I automatically knew I wanted to create something “nautical,” with it!
Bring a touch of coastal living to your kitchen or patio table with these nostalgic napkin rings.
All of these items can be picked up at any retail craft store. But if you are vacationing at the beach this year, save some money and find your own shells.

Apply tape to the middle of the napkin rings, leaving a thin border on both ends and brush Designer Dries Clear over it.   
Pour a small amount of Sea Sprite (621), Vintage Glass Glitter, into a condiment cup. I love using these cups because they make transporting glitter back to their containers- a cinch! While the glue is still wet, dip the ends into the glitter. Remove tape and let it dry. 
Brush a thin layer of Designer Dries Clear over the tops of the shells and dip it into the Diamond Dust (613), Vintage Glass Glitter. Let it dry.  
NOTE: Please use caution with Vintage Glass Glitter and eating utensils. Make sure to brush off any excess glitter after it has dried and give it a quick coat of spray lacquer for safety reasons. Another alternative is an Ultra-fine Art Glitter choice...enjoy!    
Now use Designer Dries Clear again to glue the burlap strips to the center of the napkin rings. Tie a small piece of jute around the center of the each ring and cut off the tails. Finally, hot glue the glittered shell over the knot. Let it dry.

Add some simple napkins and your table will soon be sparkling with colors of the sea!

Materials used:
-wooden napkin rings 
-small white sea shells
-strips of burlap 
-condiment cups
-hot glue gun/sticks

March 19, 2012

Sweet & Sassy Tulle Pom-Poms

  For more glittering ideas go to 

 This project was inspired by my “now” 5 year old niece’s Strawberry Shortcake birthday party.  My sister-in-law asked me to come up with some decorative ideas using rolls of tulle.  So of course I searched the web and saw a picture of these simple and playful tulle pom-poms.  I immediately remembered making some similar out of yarn, years back, using a pom-pom maker.  But being the frugal crafter that I am, I decided to make my own.  
  These sugary sweet pom-poms will sure to be a hit at your next baby, bridal, or birthday bash!    
  To make your own pom-pom maker you’ll need some cardboard. I took a box, flattened it out, and used various sizes of bowls to trace onto it. Just make sure you make 2 of each size. Draw a smaller circle into the centers of each and cut out the inner and outer circles until it resembles a donut. Determine how big or small you want your pom-poms to be and size the cardboard donuts accordingly.

           Place the 2 matching donuts together and wrap it completely with a strip of tulle. 1 yard of tulle was used for this small pom-pom.  Remember the bigger the donut the more tulle you will need to wrap. 

  Spread the donut pieces away from the center and use thread to tie together. Keep in mind the length in which you wish to hang it later.

 Lightly brush the Designer Dries Clear over the top of the tulle and remove cardboard donuts.
  Sprinkle Confection DAZZLERS onto a clean, dry tray. While the glue is still wet, press the tulle into the glitter. Shake off excess and repeat on the other side. Hang, spread tulle apart, and let dry.
  I especially love how this glitter gives the appearance of sugar! Which is perfect for such a sweet little girl’s party? Now display them as you wish: staggering the different sizes over a cake table, string small pom-poms together to make a garland, or hang large ones from trees. Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong with these! And when the party’s over- hang them as d├ęcor in your child’s room, or give away as favors to your guests.                                                  

Materials used:
-Art Glitter: Confection DAZZLERS (D29)
-Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
-rolled tulle
-embroidery thread or twine

February 28, 2012

My BLINGY Button Bonsai

 I simply adore buttons! They just make me smile! And one day I had a random thought, “What would a button tree look like?” And immediately , I answered myself and blurted out, “A Bonsai!” So naturally -my Button Bonsai will also be blossomed with some BLING! 
Thrift stores are perfect for picking up old frames.  I only spent a few bucks on this one.
After I painted the gold frame- white, to add a touch of sparkle in the corners, I used the Designer Dries Clear Adhesive and sprinkled the #189- Pearl, into the crevices.
  I continued using the adhesive to lightly brush the tops of the buttons, dusting them with the remaining glitter colors from the SASSY, Pee Wee Kit. (I find that using the condiment cups- to catch the glitter, makes transferring unused glitter back to their containers, a cinch!) 
So after I shook off the excess glitter from each button, I used a straight pin to unclog any button holes that formed. Then I set them aside to dry.
  I also love airbrushing because it’s fast and you can create a graphic-like look with the usage of stencils. I made my own stencil by drawing a bonsai tree onto poster board and cutting it out with a craft knife. But first, I used an airbrush-to base coat the canvas with peach paint.
This (Solo Resin Airbrush- A4702) airbrush is double the trigger controls both air and paint. It is great for general and precise work.  Traditional airbrushes are hard to clean and clog easily, but this one is made of a light weight material that actually resists the paint- preventing annoying stops and starts.  To clean, instead of having to take apart the whole thing, like traditional ones, you only have to remove the nozzle and soak it in cleaner.
Then I wrapped it with lace and airbrushed over it with white. “Taa-daa!” Your canvas will instantly look like lacey wallpaper! 
I then taped the bonsai stencil onto the canvas and airbrushed over it with black. I carefully removed the stencil and let it dry.
So now I need to dress my naked tree with some Bling-y Buttons! I used the Designer Dries Clear Adhesive to paste them sporadically onto the canvas. This glue is great! - It has industrial strength, yet remains flexible- which is a perfect combination when gluing items onto canvas.
Now all is left -is assembling the canvas to the frame and deciding where I will hang this playful and dazzling piece!
Hope you have a blast creating your very own blingy-button masterpiece!

Materials used:
-condiment cups 
-canvas and frame 
-acrylic paint: white 
-airbrush (Aztek, No. A4702 by TESTORS)
-air compressor (Aztek, SKU# 50201 by TESTORS)
-orange nozzle- .70mm by TESTORS
-airbrush paint: peach, white, black
-bonsai stencil 
-painters tape 

February 27, 2012

Springing into GLITTER!

  For the next 3 months, you can just call me Tinkerbell, because I will be dusting my blog with some sparkling projects for  As a Guest Designer, I will be creating two projects per month (starting in March) using their dazzling products.  And if you LOVE Glitter-you will absolutely love this company! They have over 600 designer colors!  I am a huge fan!!!!  And if you need some Glittering inspiration, see mine (coming soon!), and other designer's work at
Also, if all goes as planned- I will be starting an Etsy store- where I will sell my creations- glittered and non-glittered ones  :)